Why Choose Our Editing Service?

Why Choose Our Editing Service?


Hello! Welcome to Four Eyes Editing!

We offer copyediting services for fiction writers, specializing in helping the self-publishing author.

Our prices are reasonable; our turn-around times quick. We’ll keep your information private and your book secure.

With two sets of eyes on your manuscript, you are assured of a thorough and painstaking edit of your book. Our goal is to help you deliver to your readers the cleanest book you can get.

We will always be kind. Many writers are afraid to send their manuscripts out to editors, fearing that they will receive searing criticism or sneering contempt with their returned work. Or even impatience or irritation. You’ll never get that from us. (Actually, you won’t get that from any truly professional editor.)  We will hold your book with gentle hands and speak to you with respect about what it needs. We will always be honest, but never unkind. We love books; we love writers; and we want you to publish your best possible book.

With us, your book is yours. In his preface to the 1993 edition of Editors on Editing, Gerald Gross writes, “It is the author who gives birth to the book; the editor’s role is that of a midwife, whose job it is to bring forth a happy, healthy manuscript into the publishing world.” We agree wholeheartedly. The book you carry home in your arms will still have your voice and message—just cleaned up a little.