Who We Are

Who We Are

 Ivy (eyes 1 & 2)

Ivy is the daughter of two English teachers—that’s kind of the opposite of being raised by wolves. Her father was an English professor and fiction writer. From a young age, she worked for him as an unpaid proofreader. For his academic work, she compared photocopies of hundred-year-old letters to the typeset versions. Later, his colleagues hired her for similar work. Academics are extremely concerned with the accuracy of their publications, and rightly so. Ivy learned precision first from academic editing. She holds an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language. She worked in a university writing center as a tutor for both native and non-native English speakers. Her ability to not only fix incorrect prose, but to explain why it needs to be fixed could help you improve your writing over time. Since 2012, Ivy has collaborated with self-published fiction writers to produce the cleanest, clearest prose possible. She is also a self-published author, and understands the pressures of looming deadlines and critical reviewers. She will work with you to help you publish your best work on a tight timeframe.

Aerin (eyes 3 & 4)

Aerin has been a fiction addict since learning to read at age three. Errors in published books are always jumping out on the page. A double-threat dual major in English and Math, Aerin’s college experience gave both a feel for literature and the attention to detail required by Mathematics. Aerin’s grown-up career as a Business Analyst in the IT field has honed the skills needed for proofreading. Reviewing requirements documents and test plans written by others, checking for errors that would stop a project in its tracks, is an important part of the job. Aerin’s eagle eye for errors will ensure that your manuscript is in apple-pie order. Aerin is also Four Eyes Editing’s friendly and patient tech support.


Ivy and Aerin have been married since 1998, and are the parents of two really cool teenage boys. The kids are a lot cooler than they are.