Request Dates

Request Dates

Our currently reserved dates are shown below. Please refer to the table below to determine how many days it will take to edit your book.

Manuscript Length Proofreading Line editing
Under 25K 1 Day 2 Days
25-50K 2 Days 3-4 Days
50-75K 3 Days 5-6 Days

For manuscripts over 75 K, please email us for help with scheduling.

Select the date on the calendar that is the day you would like to have your edited manuscript returned to you. Remember, it may take you some time to go through our edits when you get your book back. Then, count backwards from that date the number of days it will take to edit your book, based on the chart above. Click all of those days and fill out the fields below. First-time clients will need to submit a manuscript excerpt.

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