Services and Rates

Services and Rates

We have two levels of service.

Proofreading includes fixing typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar—all the “mechanics” your English teacher lectured about. It addresses your book on a word-by-word level. In addition, we will make sure your story details are consistent and logical. Sara won’t become Sarah. Your heroine won’t be sipping tea in the first paragraph and boiling the water in the fourth paragraph.

Line editing includes every aspect of proofreading. In addition, this service also addresses your book at the sentence and paragraph level. Word choice, sentence structure and clarity, word and phrase repetition, and clichés (among many other issues) will be pointed out, and we’ll suggest stronger choices. Your unique writing style will be what your readers experience without confusing phrasing or errors.

A custom style sheet is included with our services. A style sheet lays out all of the editing choices made in your book—how proper nouns are spelled; how numbers are handled; punctuation choices; and many other considerations. If you have a “series bible” or “book bible”, the style sheet will become a valuable part of it. If you aren’t working with a series bible, let us know and your style sheet can include character and setting details. This style sheet will be crucial for future books, especially if you are writing a series. If you ever work with another editor, the style sheet will help ensure that your books are consistent no matter what.

Proofreading: $0.006 – $0.008 per word (exact price per word determined by sample edit)

 Length Turnaround Time
25K words or less 1 Day
25K to 50K words 2 Days
50K to 75K words 3 Days
more than 75K words contact for a projected time

Line Editing: $0.008 – $0.0.12 per word (exact price per word determined by sample edit)

 Length  Turnaround Time 
 25K words or less 2 Days
 25K to 50K words 3 – 4 Days
 50K to 75K words  5 – 6 Days
more than 75K words  contact for a projected time 

Once you send us your book excerpt and your requested dates, we will get back to you within 24 hours (during the work week) with a quote and the edited sample. You’ll take a look at it and decide if you’d like to work with us. At this point, we will send you a contract. It includes an NDA—we will be contractually bound not to reveal your name, penname, book title, or any other information. Privacy is extremely important to us, both yours and ours. You’ll return the signed contract with a deposit of 50% of the quoted total fee. This deposit holds your spot in our schedule. The sooner you get your manuscript to us, the sooner we can begin work on it. However, it MUST be in our hands by 9 am on the day your edit is scheduled to begin. The remainder of the fee is due when the work is completed.

I (Ivy) will edit any genre, including any kind of erotica. LGBTQIAPK welcome. However, scenes of torture, especially sexual torture, most especially when anything really horrible happens to a child are more than I can handle. If your book has any scene(s) like this, no judgement; but I am a fragile flower, I suppose. Otherwise, if Amazon will publish your book, we’ll edit it. Please consider this when scheduling work with us.